Cosmetic Auto Repair Specialist

Mobile Smart Repair

Frequently asked questions...........



ls the paint going to match?
Yes using a state of the art computerised paint mixing system which is environmentally friendly.We will leave all our customers with a  free tub of touchup paint. 

How long does it take? 
Between 2-4 hours on each repair.

Can I wash my car after the repair?
Yes. but if you wash your car before we arrive we will polish out any surface scratches & touch up stone chips/deep scratches  free of charge                                                                                                                           

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we do! 2 years. We stand behind our work and guarantee your paint repair will be of auto body shop standard.

What do you require to carry out the work?
We would need access to a power socket, off street parking (driveway, carpark or private road) and a cup of tea! (milk, 2 sugars please!)

Do you cover my area?
We will cover most of the surrey area.